KMi docks at ISWC 2014

The International Semantic Web Conference this year witnessed another flood of KMi personnel and talent, with 9 people from the lab attending the conference which took place in Riva del Garda, Italy, on October 19-23. The range of contributions from KMi to this flagship Semantic Web conference this year has never been as diverse, ranging from papers, to keynotes, to posters.   

Two workshop keynotes were delivered by KMi. Mathieu d’Aquin gave the keynote of the Semantics for Smarter Cities workshop, with his talk on “Dealing with Data Diversity in a Smart City Data Hub”. Harith Alani gave a keynote at the workshop of Linked Science – Making More Sense Out of Data workshop, with a talk titled “Making More Sense Out of Social Data”.  

Enrico Motta continued to participate in steering the conference through his membership of the Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA). Enrico, with Harith Alani, served on the ‘mentoring lunch’, which is an annual ISWC event that brings together graduate students and early-career researchers with experienced researchers from both, industry, and academia, for a lively discussion and question-answering session. This event was co-organised by another KMier – Miriam Fernandez, who served on the organisation committee of ISWC this year as a “Student Coordinator”.   

The Research Track of ISWC, with a 21% acceptance rate, had two full paper presentations from KMi. Hassan Saif presented a paper entitled “Semantic Patterns for Sentiment Analysis of Twitter”, co-authored with Miriam Fernández and Harith Alani from KMi, as well as with Yulan He from Aston University (ex-KMier). The second paper was presented by Elizabeth Cano, which was titled  “Stretching the Life of Twitter Classifiers with Time-Stamped Semantic Graphs”, co-authored with Yulan He, and Harith Alani.  

The Posters and Demos session was also buzzing with KMi contributions, where two booths were setup for KMi demos – one authored by Keerthi Thomas, Miriam Fernandez, Stuart Brown and Harith Alani, titled “OUSocial2 – A Platform for Gathering Students’ Feedback from Social Media”, and the other one by Alessandro Adamou, Mathieu d’Aquin, Helen Barlow and Simon Brown, titled “LED: curated and crowdsourced Linked Data on Music Listening Experiences”. 

As for posters, two were presented, one by Hassan Saif, Miriam Fernandez and Harith Alani, titled  “Automatic Stopword Generation using Contextual Semantics for Sentiment Analysis of Twitter”, and the second poster was authored by Amparo E. Cano, Yulan He and Harith Alani, titled “The Topics they are a-Changing — Characterising Topics with Time-Stamped Semantic Graphs”.   A total of five workshop papers were also presented by KMi at ISWC this year:

– Francesco Osborne, Silvio Peroni and Enrico Motta “Clustering Citation Distributions for Semantic Categorization and Citation Prediction” – Linked Science workshop

– Keerthi Thomas “Privacy Implications of Online Consumer-Activity Data: An Empirical Study” – Privacy Online workshop

– Miriam Fernandezm, Harith Alani, Arno Scharl (MODUL University, Vienna), and Kalina Bontcheva (Sheffield University, UK), “User Profile Modeling in Online Communities” Workshop on Semantic Web Collaborative Spaces (SWCS2014)

– Enrico Daga, Mathieu d’Aquin, Aldo Gangemi and Enrico Motta, “Early analysis and debugging of linked open data cubes”, Semantic Statistics workshop

– Ilaria Tiddi, Mathieu d’Aquin and Enrico Motta “Walking Linked Data: A graph traversal approach to explain clusters” – Consuming Linked Data (COLD2014)

The next ISWC will be held in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, with Mathieu d’Aquin as In-Use Track co-chair, and Miriam Fernandez as Workshop and Tutorial co-chair. 

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