KMi collaborates with WELS and BlueScreenIT in new Blockchain project

KMi has initiated a new project with WELS and the external company BlueScreenIT on leveraging Blockchain technology for OpenSTEM Africa. The project, led by WELS and funded by HEIF, is developing a business case and implementation model that leverages Blockchain capacity to create a smart and sustainable future for OpenSTEM Africa, BlueScreenIT’s education offerings and explores the wider potential for this model across the Open University.

Alexander Mikroyannidis represents KMi in this project and will be working on the technical specifications for the use of Blockchain in education contexts in the low resource and low connectivity regions of OpenSTEM Africa. On 28 September 2021, Alexander held a workshop between KMi’s Open Blockchain group and the OpenSTEM Africa Blockchain project. This workshop has initiated a discussion between KMi and the new project in order to understand and outline the scenarios for the efficient use of Blockchain in this challenging educational context. 


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