KMi at VMworld Europe 2008 Conference

Paul Alexander is currently representing KMi at the first annual VMworld Europe conference in Cannes. VMworld is all about server virtualization and consolidation.

Why do KMi care about this? Server virtualization has the potential to radically change our whole IT infrastructure in the future. We are able to run multiple operating systems on the same piece of physical hardware. Not only does this represent a more efficient use of our resources it will also reduce costs. It has an environmental aspect too, saving on growing our server farms which use more and more power. By using this technology we are reducing our carbon footprint and with so many other features and benefits this is a technology we’re really interested in.

Although we already use server virtualization in KMi and have done for a number of years, the rate of change in IT and the move by some big players towards this technology makes it the place to be.

There is always more to learn, which hopefully after this trip with the knowledge gained, massive strides can be made in improving the service provided to KMi staff, students, visitors and the wider web-based communities that use our services.

Take a look at the link with this story to find out more about VMworld and server virtualization.

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