KMi at Brazil Week

On the 26th of January 2021, King’s College London and The British Council launched the STEM Education Hub targeting research and education in Brazil. The Hub’s mission is to act as a point of co-operation between the UK and Brazil.

As a member of the Hub KMi Researcher, Lara Piccolo, presented her research on technology design to promote social changes both in Brazil and in the UK, illustrating possible collaborations and contrasting both research scenarios. KMi’s Senior Researcher, Trevor Collins, was a guest speaker at the inaugural event, introducing The Open University’s Centre for STEM Pedagogy (eSTEeM) and illustrating practitioner-led scholarship that underpins the OU’s STEM Faculty’s innovations in distance learning.

From UNICAMP in Brazil, Prof Cecília Baranauskas was also a guest speaker introducing some interdisciplinary research projects in the context of e-inclusion and e-citizenship applying participatory and socially responsible approaches to design technology.

The STEM education hub will continuously promote debate around key research areas and teaching questions that require greater development, both in Brazil and the UK, in a way that promotes equality, citizenship, and sustainable development. It will also offer academic support to researchers and establish channels of mobility between and to the benefit of both countries. Certainly, it will be the host and trigger of fruitful international collaborations for KMi and the OU.

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