KMi at All-Party Parliamentary Group to Discuss Generative AI and Assessment

On September 12th, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics and the Higher Education Commission delved into Generative AI and HE. In this roundtable session, which was chaired by Daniel Zeichner MP, the participants debated the influence of Generative AI on assessment and feedback within education. 

Speakers at the event emphasized the impact of novel technology and software used by educators to evaluate students. They advocated for a reevaluation and innovation of the current approach to assessment and feedback, with a reduced emphasis on mere knowledge acquisition and a greater emphasis on assessing skills and capabilities. The roundtable participants strongly recommended a responsive government-led intervention that can support curriculum and pedagogy throughout the entire higher education sector. 

The insights gathered from this roundtable discussion will be channeled into the ongoing inquiry by the Higher Education Commission concerning the digital transformation of education. Additionally, the findings will contribute to the Department for Education’s Call for Evidence on the utilization of Generative AI in the realm of education. 

This work relates to a range of on-going Generative AI projects across the OU, including an AI Digital Assistant and AI Content Generator, whose construction is being led by KMi.

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