KMi at AKT workshop (9-10th Oct.)

KMi technologies have again played a key role within the UK&#39s flagship EPSRC-funded Advanced Knowledge Technologies (AKT) project.

During 9-11th Oct. Dnyanesh Rajpathak, Enrico Motta, and Tom Heath attended an AKT project workshop at Southampton University. It was one of the more exciting workshops we&#39ve had, mainly from the technology demonstration point of view. Dnyanesh participated in the E-Response technology demonstration. E-Response was a joint technology integration effort involving the University of Southampton, The Open University, Sheffield University, Edinburgh University and Aberdeen University, intended to tackle the following emergency situation:

"One hour ago an aeroplane crashed on the City of London. The aeroplane, a civil cargo transport, had begun to break up before impact, scattering debris and fuel over the entire area. As a result, multiple fires have broken out, roads are blocked, and a number of people, many injured, some seriously, are now trapped in burning buildings"

To tackle the aforementioned E-Response scenario, Dnyanesh created a Matchmaking Task framework within which seven different matchmaking web services were developed to match heterogeneous supplies such as hospitals closer to the emergency event, medical staff affiliated to the hospital to deal with patients, fire engines closer to the event involving the fire, etc. Finally, in order to publish the Matchmaking web services, Dnyanesh has made use of the IRS-III platform (linked below).

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