JIME/D3E Demonstrated at CERN to OAi Community

In the birthplace of the World Wide Web – CERN, Geneva – an international workshop was held last week to discuss future models for disseminating and validating scholarly research over the Web. Simon Buckingham Shum and Gary Li were invited to present their work on Web-based, conversational peer review, as used in the Journal of Interactive Media in Education (published by the Open University), driven by its underlying D3E technology, developed in KMi.

Focusing on an innovative network called the Open Archives Initiative, which is making available open source tools for scholarly publishing, this workshop explored the critical dimension of peer review and other forms of quality control. There were presentations of a variety of innovative projects who are testing new, ‘native internet’ models for dissemination and quality control. KMi demonstrated live how D3E allows one to instantly generate a peer review discussion space for any OAi document.

The event served to highlight the changing face of scholarly publishing, with much debate between researchers, librarians, journal publishers and internet system developers. Technologies such as the Open Archives Eprint Server and D3E raise interesting questions about the roles of publishers in a world where the Net does indeed ‘change the rules’.


All presentations, including the results from several discussion groups, are now on the website: http://documents.cern.ch/OAi/

KMi’s presentation “Open Peer Review Meets Open Archives?” can be found there, or direct at http://kmi.open.ac.uk/sbs/OAi/CERN-Mar2001/

Journal of Interactive Media in Education: http://www-jime.open.ac.uk/

D3E: Digital Document Discourse Environmenthttp://d3e.open.ac.uk/

Open Archives Eprints Server Software (Southampton): http://eprints.org


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