ESSENCE: World’s 1st Climate Collective Intelligence event

ESSENCE: E-Science/Sensemaking/Climate Change is the world’s first global climate collective intelligence event, designed to bring together scientists, industrialists, campaigners and policy makers, and the emerging set of web-based sensemaking tools, to pool and deepen our understanding of the issues and options facing the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Organised by the GlobalSensemaking network founded by KMi, Open University UK, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, UK e-Science Institute, and Debategraph, and in Partnership with the UN Millennium Project, ESSENCE starts online in January 2009 and culminates in a conference at the National e-Science Institute in Edinburgh, in April 2009.

During this pre-launch phase, we are beginning to identify and assemble teams of scientists, industrialists, campaigners and policy makers to work with the tool developers on specific aspects of the complex set of issues around climate change.

The aim is to develop a comprehensive, distilled, visual map of the issues, evidence, arguments and options facing the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, that will be available for all to explore and enrich across the web.

The project is founded on principles of openness, transparency, and discovery; with no preconceptions about the conclusions that will emerge from the event.

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