Dr. Mancini!

KMi postgraduate student Clara Mancini successfully defended her doctoral dissertation during a thesis viva today. She has been recommended for the award of a Ph.D. after minor revisions.

Clara&#39s thesis, entitled &#39Towards Cinematic Hypertext&#39, breaks new ground in probing the very nature of coherence in hypertext, using the notion of &#39cognitive coherence relations&#39, and look at ways that ideas from the worlds of cinematography and semiology can be applied to making such relations more salient. It is both a theoretical and empirical investigation into discourse links in film and hypertext.

Clara&#39s internal supervisor was Dr. Simon Buckingham Shum (second supervisor Prof Marc Eisenstadt). Her external examiner on the day was Dr. Frank Nack of the Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI), and her internal examiner was Dr. Josie Taylor from IET.

Well done, Clara— CONGRATULATIONS!!

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