Denbigh School Sixth-Formers To Team Up With KMi

A half-day visit took place on 20th January 1998 to foster further cooperation between KMi and Denbigh School, and to explore possible projects which could be undertaken by Denbigh Sixth Form pupils. The visit followed hot on the heels of the successful link-up of Denbigh and KMi via a wireless local area network installation on 6th January, 1998.

Chris Woods, Head of IT at Denbigh, was accompanied by 16 pupils.  The visit was divided into the following sessions:

  • 9:30 Background to the Open University and Knowledge Media Institute (Marc Eisenstadt)
  • 9:45 ‘Sampler’ of some KMi projects (Peter Scott)
  • 10:15 Parallel hands-on workshops:
    • Workshop A: Basic HTML and audio-on-the-net (Marc Eisenstadt)
    • Workshop B: Macromedia Flash animation (Anthony Seminara)
    • Workshop C: Streaming Video (Peter Scott)
    • Workshop D: QuickTime VR (Chris Valentine)

  • 11:15 Coffee
  • 11:30 Brainstorming about possible project options (Tom Vincent + those above)

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