Corous MoodleMeisters get FlashVlogging

The OU delivery of training and learning to Reuters via the Moodle platform was given a boost in April by KMi. Incorporating FlashVlogs into web pages is something KMi has been doing for ages and it was the obvious solution for the Corous team who manage the Reuters Account. Sarah Walshe of Corous had asked KMi to suggest ways in which we could embed friendly, light snippets of information into the Moodle pages to enhance the learnersÂ’ experience, without having to open new pop-ups or link to other documents. Following a demonstration as to the ease of use by Peter Scott, Director KMi, the Corous team were able to create their own FlashVlogs in the KMi demonstration area and embed them into the Moodle pages to make them instantly accessible to course participants. The next stage in this development is for the Corous team to identify the pages in the Reuters programme that would benefit from a FlashVlog and then get vlogging!

The use of the FlashVlog tool in this environment is to provide a reporting forum for the course participants, allowing them to share their thoughts on various aspects of the course content and delivery in a way that can be easily viewed by other participants and course leaders alike. With a global workforce such as Reuters, it is also the perfect method of improving group dynamics by allowing participants to see each others’ views. The next stage in development for course delivery and participant forums is, without a doubt FlashMeeting. The Corous Team have already identified the potential of using FlashMeeting for live learning experiences with the benefit of replay for those unable to participate in the live meeting. KMi will be working with Corous to identify similar opportunities for other learning and corporate communities. For more information on FlashVlog and FlashMeeting check out the websites.

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