Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing CSCW 2013 – San Antonio, Texas

I recently returned from Texas, San Antonio where I was in attendance at the 16th ACM Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) conference. While there I gave Two workshop papers:

  1. W8: Collaborative Information Seeking: Tracking Epistemic Beliefs and Sensemaking in Collaborative Information Retrieval, Knight, Buckingham Shum and Littleton (2013)
  2. W10: CSCW and education: Collaborative Sensemaking in Learning Analytics, Knight, Buckingham Shum and Littleton (2013)

The first described the use of KMI’s Cohere platform to support sensemaking around collaborative information seeking, while the second described the need for a combined CSCW and educational research agenda into the multi-level sensemaking around the visualisations of analytics at the various hierarchical levels – from students to governmental. Both papers were well received and the workshops were a productive networking opportunity with some possibility for collaboration in the future.

CSCW generally was exciting with a lot of interesting work going on around collaborative information seeking, social q&a, and knowledge management tools such as Wikipedia. I’m slowly working through my pile of cards to keep in contact with those doing work related to mine.

There was also a lot of interest in what the OU is doing particularly with respect to FutureLearn and Learning Analytics.

I kept a twitter archive for CSCW2013: (apparently I was the 2nd most prolific tweeter)

I’ve also blogged some more extensive notes on this here


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