CompendiumDS helps OU win gold

A great success story for KMi technology transfer: our Compendium knowledge mapping tool was customized by the OU’s Learning & Teaching Solutions team for a groundbreaking OU course U101 “Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century”.

I met with U101’s chair Peter Lloyd several years ago when the course was in conception, and we discussed the potential role that Compendium might play and the kinds of customisations it would need. Well, Peter and his team ran with it, and the results are impressive.

They produced a special edition called CompendiumDS (for Design Studio) which provides a radically new way for design students to share their projects, submit them as multimedia Compendium maps (the OU’s assignment system was extended to handle Compendium XML files), and tutors marked them by annotating the maps. U101 secured the Institute of IT Training 2011 Gold Award, with specific mention of CompendiumDS (news story).

The simplified CompendiumDS user interface is introduced in this JISC Design Studio briefing with a couple of screencasts, and a research paper documents the process including some CompendiumDS template examples:

Lloyd, Peter (2011). Does design education always produce designers? In: Researching Design Education: 1st International Symposium for Design Education Researchers, May 18-19, 2011, Paris, France. Eprint:

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