Compendium 1.5.1 goes into global beta

The latest version of the Compendium visual hypermedia system for conceptual modelling has just been released after extensive testing. It introduces a powerful new tagging interface, alnog with a host of minor improvements.

With this release we depart from our previous practice of restricting beta releases to a small, select group before making the "production" release generally available. We want to make the new features and fixes more widely available sooner, and get feedback and bug reports incorporated into the new version before it replaces version 1.5 as our production release.

Compendium 1.5.1 beta has one major new feature: a complete overhaul of the Tags interface, used heavily in Conversational Modelling, as well as in ad hoc information management and for systematic coding in qualitative data analysis. The old process of selecting and applying tags required a lot of clicks, and much useful information was hard to get to. With this version, the Tags View appears as a pane you can leave open on the left side of the screen, and the whole process of tagging, filtering, and untagging nodes is much more visual and interactive, along the lines of web tagging interfaces like and flickr.


KMI is the lead academic partner and software developer in the Compendium Institute, a not-for-profit virtual organisation developing the Compendium approach to the mapping and management of information, ideas, and arguments.

KMi conducts research into the practices that emerge around the kind of real time and asynchronous knowledge mapping enabled by Compendium, and the new possibilities that knowledge media open up for collective sensemaking and organizational memory.

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