Compendium 1.3 released

KMi (Simon Buckingham Shum, Al Selvin and Michelle Bachler) is a founding member of the Compendium Institute, a virtual network to support and develop Compendium as an approach to visual modelling, collaborative sensemaking and group memory. KMi leads the software development of the tool (currently funded by the e-Science CoAKTinG project), and is pleased to announce that v1.3 is now available for free download. This is the long-awaited release which opens the door to cross-platform versions using the open source MySQL database, along with a host of refinements and extensions to the core functionality.

Compendium is the semantic hypertext concept mapping tool at the heart of the Compendium methodology. It supports the real time mapping of discussions in meetings, collaborative sense-making and modelling, and the longer term management of this information as organizational memory. Compendium is the result of over 15 years&#39 continual research, deployment and development at the intersection of meeting facilitation, knowledge management and argumentation.

Compendium is arguably the most advanced mapping tool available to support the IBIS method (Issue-Based Information System), but goes much further with the addition of extensive support for web publishing, integration with other applications, support for multiple methods, and other advanced functionality.

Visit Compendium Institute website to download software, and browse the extensive library of research papers and case studies. The CoAKTinG e-Science Project [] shows Compendium&#39s use for supporting distributed scientific work on the Grid and interoperating with other collaboration tools.

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