Comp Ling UK 06 @ KMi

KMi is hosting the 9th Computational Linguistics UK Research Colloquium (CLUK 06). It is being attended by 40 delegates: Research Students from UK universities and senior academics in the field. Anne De Roeck gave an invited talk on Wednesday 9th and Jon Oberlander on Thursday the 9th March. Dileep Damle and Gaston Burek of KMi have organised the event and gained EPSRC sponsorship and funding for it.

The event is being webcast live using KMi technology, with a handful of remote attendees &#39beamed in&#39 from various locations around the UK. There was a wonderful conference dinner at the Moghul Palace, Stony Straford on the evening of 8th March, and this was enjoyed by all who attended. The event was supported by administrative staff in KMi and M&CS.

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