Celebrations for Enrico Daga’s viva success!

Staff joined Enrico Daga, Senior Project Officer in KMi’s Data Science Group, to celebrate the successful defence of his PhD Thesis: "Knowledge Components and Methods for Policy Propagation in Data Flows”.

The Thesis examines data-oriented systems and applications which are at the centre of current developments of the World Wide Web (WWW). On the Web of Data (WoD), information sources can be accessed and processed for many purposes. Users need to be aware of any licences or terms of use, which are associated with the data sources they want to use. Conversely, publishers need support in assigning the appropriate policies alongside the data they distribute.   It tackles the problem of policy propagation in data flows – an expression that refers to the way data is consumed, manipulated and produced within processes.

It poses the question of what kind of components are required, and how they can be acquired, managed, and deployed, to support users on deciding what policies propagate to the output of a data-intensive system from the ones associated with its input. The problem has been studied in three scenarios: applications of the Semantic Web, workflow reuse in Open Science, and the exploitation of urban data in City Data Hubs.

Enrico’s examiners were Dr Trevor Collins, Prof. Oscar Corcho of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Prof David Robertson of University of Edinburgh and his supervisors were Prof Mathieu d’Aquin and Dr Miriam Fernandez. 

For more information about Enrico’s projects and publications, visit his profile page. 



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