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Novel AI methodologies for evaluating equity, balance, and inclusivity within media content

KMi’s grant from the Open Societal Challenge (OSC) aims to enhance our capacity to model the ebb and flow of perspectives within news narratives. Despite the prevalence of social media, traditional news outlets remain essential for informing the public and ideally presenting a balanced array of viewpoints pertinent to democratic discourse. This diversity of perspectives,…

The AI Module Writing Assistant and AI Digital Assistant presented at Bett UK

On January 26th, John Domingue presented the most recent OU Experiments on Generative AI at Bett UK – the largest EdTech exhibition event in the world. This year Bett UK attracted over 30,000 attendees from the global education community to the ExCel in London to see the latest innovations in the education space. John showcased…

OU Analyse has been highlighted in the inaugural issue of Academic Quality Standards

KMi’s OU Analyse, also known as the Early Alert Indicators Dashboard (EAID), is widely used at the OU to enhance student retention and has been highlighted as part of the inaugural issue of Academic Quality & Standards.  In this issue, Janet Hunter, a senior lecturer at the OU, described how she utilised the EAID to…

KMi doctoral students participate at the Alan Turing PhD networking event

On Friday 26th, doctoral students Paula Reyero-Lobo and Angel Pavon-Perez participated at the Alan Turing PhD networking event. The overarching initiative aims to create a more interconnected network of doctoral students across various organizations, improve student skills by supplementing PhD program activities, and offer opportunities for greater awareness and connection to real-world challenges and applications. …

KMi’s Director discusses AI and misinformation at the Government Business magazine

In an article for Government Business magazine, Prof. Harith Alani discusses the dual potential of AI, emphasising its ability to be both beneficial and detrimental. He underscores AI’s significance as a tool for analysing misinformation, experimenting with preventive measures, and mitigating its effects. Utilising historical data, AI can effectively identify misinformation by recognising previously debunked…

KMi at All-Party Parliamentary Group to Discuss Generative AI and Assessment

On September 12th, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics and the Higher Education Commission delved into Generative AI and HE. In this roundtable session, which was chaired by Daniel Zeichner MP, the participants debated the influence of Generative AI on assessment and feedback within education.  Speakers at the event emphasized the impact of novel…

Alexander Mikroyannidis co-authors editorial on the future of openness in education

KMi’s Senior Research Fellow Alexander Mikroyannidis has co-authored a journal editorial on the current state and the future of openness in education. The editorial is entitled “Openness in Education as a Praxis: From Individual Testimonials to Collective Voices” and has been published in the latest issue of the Open Praxis journal. This has been a…

KMi article among the top 10 most downloaded in 2022 for International Journal of Social Robotics

Congratulations to Gianluca Bardaro, Alessio Antonini & Enrico Motta whose article Robots for Elderly Care in the Home: A Landscape Analysis and Co-Design Toolkit has been announced as one of the Top 10 Downloaded Articles in the International Journal of Social Robotics in 2022. The article, published in August 2021, was based on a case study for the EU…

Call for Summer Scholarships for Young Black People is launched

KMi has launched our 3rd year’s range of Summer Scholarships for Young Black People, offering to provide financial support with a bursary of £2,700, alongside the experience to build up their careers as young members in STEM.  We are offering three challenges to this year’s applicants. These topics aim to use hot technologies to solve societal…

PT Anywhere used for remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

PT Anywhere, a flagship KMi technology, has played a vital role in remote teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several universities from across the world have incorporated PT Anywhere in their curricula and have been using it for remote laboratory sessions with their students. PT Anywhere is also featured in the UK Government’s Digital…


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