Call for Summer Scholarships for Young Black People is launched

KMi has launched our 3rd year’s range of Summer Scholarships for Young Black People, offering to provide financial support with a bursary of £2,700, alongside the experience to build up their careers as young members in STEM. 

We are offering three challenges to this year’s applicants. These topics aim to use hot technologies to solve societal challenges and positively impact the world around us. Each project will last between 6 to 8 weeks and may be conducted online or at the Open University campus:

Challenge 1: How to tell people they’re wrong: Explaining misinformation on social media
Challenge 2: Building musical knowledge graphs
Challenge 3: Turning TikTok Content into NFTs

Each scholar will receive mentoring and support from KMi researchers, students and technicians who work in our project spaces. In past scholarships, KMi has provided opportunities to improve representation in Computer Science; for example, our first intern Azizah Blackwood, helped us develop a voice skill for Alexa by creating our first ever fact-checking chatbot. One of last year’s scholars, Kaushal Kumar, worked on Robot Assistants in the Wild, where he proposed rethinking and creating a more Ergonomic Workstation.

See the full details and deadlines on the call web page.

The call will be promoted on our social media channels and we invite everyone to share these in their networks where young people who qualify can be reached. 

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