CABER Online at BETT 2003

The CABER Online project was one of a number of schools&#39 broadband internet projects to be showcased at the BETT 2003 educational technology show at London&#39s Olympia Exhibition Centre. The project&#39s funding body, the East of England Broadband Network (E2BN), is one of several regional broadband consortia whose responsibility it is to create the UK&#39s National Grid for Learning, and whose presence at this year&#39s BETT show was designed to highlight the potential for broadband connectivity in schools.

At very short notice, KMi was invited to compile a rolling demo of CABER Online for display on the UK Regional Broadband Consortia stand. Rather than produce a standard Powerpoint or Director presentation, CABER project staff built an XML-based presentation which ran from an internal server and which could therefore be updated at a moment&#39s notice. This presentation was compiled in less than a day in readiness for the show&#39s opening on Wednesday 8th January.

CABER Online is the successor to the immensely-successful CLUTCH Project, and provides the means by which a number of pilot schools in the eastern counties can develop skills in the use of digital video and share their curriculum resources using a custom-built Digital Media Library.

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