BuddySpace 2.6 Bonanza

KMi&#39s “Instant Messenger with maps and attitude”, BuddySpace, was made available in version 2.6 today. The latest version, which includes Chris Denham&#39s extensions to Jiri Komzak&#39s core client, boasts three main extensions:

1. Simlink, a tool that allows creation of &#39shared plugins&#39 for use in group chat, yielding in effect &#39bandwidth-friendly screen-sharing&#39.

2. BuddyFinder, a tool to help you find other users based on profile information and/or inferred information from buddies&#39 web pages in the absence of a profile, using another KMi tool (CORDER) to intelligently rank-order the results!

3. WebClient, a simple web client for BuddySpace (firewall and browser friendly), that runs on its own in any browser with no download or installation.

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