Bletchley Park Trust Director Visits KMi

Christine Large, Director of the Bletchley Park Trust, visited KMi on Thursday, 2nd November 2000. The visit, set up by Jez Grzeda, Director of OU Intellectual Property Mangement, was aimed at establishing links between the new ‘Community-oriented’ Bletchley Park Trust activities and the ongoing research projects within KMi. Bletchley Park is the home of the UK World War II code-breaking operations, headed by the mathematical genius and acknowledged father of computing, Alan Turing.

Ms. Large met with Tom Vincent, Marc Eisenstadt, Peter Whalley, and Jez Grzeda. Highlights of the visit included discussions of the FirstFlight and CLUTCH project sites, along with demos of KMi Planet and WebSymposia.

A reciprocal visit has been arranged for later in the year to continue discussions about areas of mutual interest.


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