AquaLog … Now Released !!!

We want to present to you AquaLog, our ontology-based question answering system.

The AquaLog query answering system is based on the premise that the semantic web will benefit from the availability of natural language query interfaces, which allow users to query semantic markup (viewed as a knowledge base).

The semantic web vision is one in which rich, ontology-based semantic markup is widely available. The availability of this semantic markup on the web also opens the way to novel, sophisticated forms of question answering. A fairly obvious consequence of the availability of semantic markup on the web is that this can indeed be queried directly.

AquaLog is a portable question-answering system which takes queries expressed in natural language and an ontology as input and returns answers drawn from one or more knowledge bases (KBs). AquaLog presents an elegant solution, in which different strategies are combined together. It makes use of the GATE NLP platform as part of the linguistic process, string metrics algorithms, a learning mechanism as a solution to manage domain-dependent lexicon; WordNet and a novel ontology-based relation similarity service to make sense of user queries with respect to the target knowledge base.

The AquaLog demo currently uses the KMi ontology coupled with the platform WebOnto. Users who have a specific issue or question in mind, can search for information about KMi resources and academic life, formulating their query in natural language. Give it a try!

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