Alliance brings French Researcher to KMi

KMi is pleased to have Jean-Christophe Beaud visiting the D3E group for the month of August. Jean-Christophe is a graduate student at the Centre for Research in Cognitive Psychology ( CREPCO) at the University of Provence, France. Jean-Christophe is visiting KMi as part of an Alliance funded project awarded to Dr. Tamara Sumner of KMi, and Dr. Nathalie Bonnardel of CREPCO. Alliance is a joint programme from the British Council and the French Ministere des Affaires (MAE).

As part of the project to assess an environment supporting scholars in creating and publishing multimedia documents on the Web, Jean-Christophe will help conduct a study of real designers using D3E to design a publication site. More information about the project can be found at