Ahead in the Cloud: Lifelong Learning in the Age of AI

Professor John Domingue is featured in a podcast where he discusses Lifelong Learning in the Age of AI with researcher and writer Chad Watt. The podcast is the latest in the Ahead in the Cloud series hosted by the Infosys Knowledge Institute where business leaders share what they’ve learned on their cloud journey.

In the discussion, John outlines the innovative approach to open learning at the Open University and the "knowlege acquisition bottleneck" experienced in the early AI days. He explains how evolving AI technology is now democratising education by allowing the customisation of more than 300 courses at the Open University. 

John’s advice to his younger self: 
“Today is the slowest that technology will progress for the rest of your life.
Be confident, you are really going to make it.
Take care of your network; the size and quality of your network will be really important to you. ”

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