AEC Project team presents at eHealth Futurescope 2001

Yesterday, the Assisted Electronic Communication (AEC) project team were down at the Institute of Health Sciences, City University in London. They were presenting at the 3rd International Conference on Advances in the Delivery of Care, “eHealth: a futurescope”.

The AEC project is a joint initiative of the Centre for New Media in KMi, the Institute of Health Service Research in Luton, and Kettering General Hospital (KGH). Present at the conference were Peter Scott and Kevin Quick (KMi), and Fiona Brooks and Maria Macintyre (IHSR).

The team were reporting on the initial work of the project. This has involved installing a digital discourse system in an acute NHS Trust hospital (KGH), in four key areas: Accident & Emergency, Coronary Care Unit, the Middleton Assessment Unit and Harrowden A general ward. The system is being used by Nurses, at all levels, for discussing the National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease, and its implementation at KGH. The system has now been up and running for several months, and we reported on its initial progress and impact.

In the near future we will be assisting the nurses to add new documents will to expand the digital discourse system. Later we will be releasing a “Planet style” agent assisted newletter, and some limited “Stadium style” telepresence systems to support communication.


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