A successful conclusion for HUB4NGI

Last week saw the final review of the HUB4NGI project in Brussels. Starting in January 2017, HUB4NGI was the first Coordination and Support Action dedicated to transforming the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative into an increasingly dynamic, collaborative, vibrant and participatory Research and Innovation Ecosystem. HUB4NGI has offered a collaborative platform capable of effectively supporting and coordinating activities across the whole NGI context by combining knowledge, tools and processes to reach and engaging top-notch Internet researchers and innovators.

The final review of the project was a success, with the reviewers and the project officer praising the overall efforts and various outcomes of the project. KMi was represented by Alexander Mikroyannidis, who presented the work associated with dissemination and community building. KMi has played a key role in the project, leading the work package for dissemination and community building and in charge of developing the NGI map, an open online repository of NGI actors and initiatives.


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